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Guericke invented this device that produced static electricity by generating friction against a moving ball of sulfur. This copy was once owned by the noted book collector, Herbert McLean Evans. Also included in the Physics Section, this work describes Guericke's famous experiment of the "Spheres of Magdedburg.

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Our copy has the bookplates of W. Wilson and Herbert McLean Evans.

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  • Signature F2 is eroneously signed Ff2. A single leaf of errata follows the text. Flesher for R.

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    Davis: London , The Herald of Science is only one of eleven separate tracts printed in this volume. Each tract has its own special title page and separate paging; the imprint date of the 10th tract is , of the remaining, This particular tract is considered to be the first book on electricity in English and discusses how electricity is not affected by the vacuum in an air-pump jar. This copy contains extensive manuscript notes by Robert Hooke Boyle's assistant who was presented this copy by Henry Oldenburg.

    It contains various armorial bookplates belonging to the family of Hartwell William Lee and Sir George Lee ; manuscript ex libris of: Joh. Hodgkin; E. Parkyn; Dr. In , these various letters were compiled into this book. Our copy contains a manuscript note that it was a "Gift of Eric E. De Marsh" to the Burndy Library.

    This work describes Coulomb's discovery of the law of electrical attraction. Using his new torsion balance, he determined that electrical attraction and repulsion follow an inverse-square law, as did gravity. He privately printed 12 copies and sent this one to Alessandro Volta who later used this work to develop his concept of the electric battery. Our copy is apparently one of twelve reprinted copies of the author's paper as it originally appeared in the transactions of the Bologna Academy; the original volume and page numbers occur on each plate There is a manuscript note on p.

    Foley English translation of the commentary, this copy is the reprint [of the original journal article], 2nd issue, edition 3. Our copy contains a typescript letter from Den Polytekniske Laereanstalt dated 14 Nov. In these and many similar experiments no difference in action of any kind appeared between iron and other metals.

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    Two hundred and three feet of copper wire in one length were coiled round a large block of wood; other two hundred and three feet of similar wire were interposed as a spiral between the turns of the first coil, and metallic contact everywhere prevented by twine. One of these helices was connected with a galvanometer, and the other with a battery of one hundred pairs of plates four inches square, with double coppers, and well charged.

    When the contact was made, there was a sudden and very slight effect at the galvanometer, and there was also a similar slight effect when the contact with the battery was broken. But whilst the voltaic current was continuing to pass through the one helix, no galvanometrical appearances nor any effect like induction upon the other helix could be perceived, although the active power of the battery was proved to be great, by its heating the whole of its own helix, and by the brilliancy of the discharge when made through charcoal.

    Repetition of the experiments with a battery of one hundred and twenty pairs of plates produced no other effects; but it was ascertained, both at this and the former time, that the slight deflection of the needle occurring at the moment of completing the connexion, was always in one direction, and that the equally slight deflection produced when the contact was broken, was in the other direction; and also, that these effects occurred when the first helices were used Toggle navigation Digi Libraries.

    Categories Categories. This three-volume collection of Faraday's papers provides a comprehensive record of a key branch of his work. Volume 1, reissued here in a second edition of , covers his early work in electricity and magnetism, including papers on lightning, electric fish, and notes on the elaborate and often beautiful experiments conducted to investigate whether magnetism could produce electricity.

    Other books in this series. Polarisation of Light William Spottiswoode. Add to basket. Elastic Stresses in Structures Alberto Castigliano. The Cobham Journals Caroline Molesworth.

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    Theory of Heat James Clerk Maxwell. Meteorological Observations and Essays John Dalton. Bibliographia zoologiae et geologiae: Volume 1 Louis Agassiz. Popular Scientific Lectures Ernst Mach.

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    Experiments and Observations on Electricity Benjamin Franklin. Table of contents 1. Induction of electric currents; 2. Terrestrial magneto-electric induction; 3. Identity of electricities from different sources; 4. New law of electric conduction; 5. Electro-chemical decomposition; 6. Power of platina, etc. Electro-chemical decomposition continued; 8. Electricity of the voltaic pile; 9.