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I know I have to slow the audio way down at the beginning so I can get oriented in the story and understand the initially unfamiliar accents. I sometimes have to pay A LOT of attention in the early chapters—but once those first few chapters are behind me I can relax and enjoy the story. One of my all time favorites! I felt like the sequel was much better. Waiting anxiously to see if there will be more books with these characters by this author Marisa De Los Santos.

Thanks for this list! Your email address will not be published. Happiness for Beginners Author: Katherine Center. Several Katherine Center titles have appeared in the Summer Reading Guide; this one was in the edition—and also got its own recent episode of One Great Book. A year after getting divorced, Helen Carpenter needs a do-over, so she signs up for a notoriously tough wilderness survival course to prove that she can make it on her own.

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Once there, Helen confronts a summer blizzard, a group of sorority girls, rutting season for the elk, and spin-the-bottle—yet she also discovers what it really means to be brave. A fun and light read that still manages to tackle some serious topics. As I told readers of the Summer Reading Guide, I would never have picked this book—first published in —off the shelf: I just couldn't get past the awful cover. But a friend with great taste recommended it, and more importantly, she put the actual, physical book in my hands.

I gave it a try out of loyalty to her, and I've been recommending it ever since. This nonfiction narrative about a Hungarian gentleman thief reads like a novel, but this true story is stranger than fiction. Eve in Hollywood Author: Amor Towles. Eve in Hollywood picks up exactly where Rules of Civility left off and if you haven't read it yet, start there. In this novella—a series of short takes, each in a different voice—we see how Eve impacts everyone she meets in Old Hollywood, in potentially life-changing encounters. Fast, fun, and incredibly well-written.

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This nonfiction account from one of my favorite writers was included in the Summer Reading Guide. He fell into the work by happenstance, and turned out to be a genius at it. Surprisingly absorbing: an outstanding account of an incredible life. When this unexpected loss is discovered, the family begins to fall apart, and as they struggle to understand why it happened, they realize they don't know their daughter at all.

Ng's use of the omniscient narrator is brilliant: she reveals what's going on in her characters hearts and minds, allowing the reader to learn the truth of the tragedy, even if the family never does. An exploration of love and belonging, fraught with racial and gender issues. When I was in NYC I watched a woman miss her bus stop because she was utterly absorbed in this novel. It's that good. From the Summer Reading Guide.

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Who really wrote Pride and Prejudice? That mystery drives this literary thriller, which plunges the reader into the world of first editions, secondhand books, and zealous collectors. When a young librarian discovers a document that casts doubt on Austen's authorship of Pride and Prejudice , she struggles to clear her beloved author of plagiarist charges before it's too late. Lovett flips back and forth between the time when Jane was writing her best-known story and today's desperate race to prove her innocence.

Lovett's love of books permeates every page. Of course, but piles stacks?

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Cinder Author: Marissa Meyer. Admittedly, it sounds cheesy—and that, combined with the terrible cover, kept me from reading these for years. YA fantasy isn't usually my thing; I'm so glad I finally took the recommendation of a wide range of readers and gave these a try. It's been my pleasure to put them in the hands of countless readers since. Americanah Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This guide pick is unquestionably one of my most-recommended titles.

The story centers around a smart, strong-willed Nigerian woman named Ifemelu. After university, she travels to America for postgraduate work, where she endures several years of near-destitution, and a horrific event that upends her world. The novel grapples with difficult issues without becoming overwrought. I would not have read this based on the flap copy, but I was hooked from page one. Terrific on audio. Astonish Me Author: Maggie Shipstead.

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This Summer Reading Guide selection is one I still think about all the time: the story and characters have stuck with me. The Times hated it, but nevermind that. A warning: check all your preconceptions about good girl ballerinas. In Alexander's words: "The story seems to begin with catastrophe but in fact began earlier and is not a tragedy but rather a love story. A few years later, Alexander looks back on their life together, their love, and the impact of that loss in her life. Her source material is fantastic: Alexander is an American, born in Harlem.

Both were artists—and their home sounds like this amazing, vibrant, multicultural extravaganza with food and friends and music and art. I could barely put this down, and while sad, it exudes joy. Heads up for audiophiles: Alexander's narration of her own work is magnificent. Can I just say the Summer Reading Guide was something special? We culled our inaugural MMD Book Club selections from these books; the greatest hits included here continue to occupy a special place in my heart.

I went into this novel knowing nothing and I liked it that way, so I'll just say Wood explores themes of love, loss, and identity through a quirky year-old boy who loves making lists, a wily year-old woman, an absentee father, a Boy Scout project, and the Guinness Book of World Records.

From the guide. In a publishing environment where every suspense novel is expected to have a "shocking plot twist! I was stunned as I slowly came to see that the story wasn't about what I thought it was about at all. Part police procedural, part domestic suspense, with the ring of authenticity, no doubt thanks to Mackintosh's own 12 years as a police officer. One of my faves from the guide: I knew I had to read this when my husband who beat me to it couldn't stop sharing Cleave's well-turned sentences aloud, and even many months later, I still think about this book all the time. There have been so many WWII novels of late; this tale of four young, warm, wise-cracking friends in wartime England is a standout.

Cleave's writing perfectly matches the story, and it all feels so real—maybe because Cleave based his novel on his own grandparents' experiences, or because he put himself on war rations while writing to better experience London during the Blitz? There's a sequel on the way working title: Everything Sad Is Forgotten , and however long I have to wait, it will be worth it. This novel in stories was nothing at all what I expected.

The novel tracks three generations of Indian women and their fraught relationships.

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The title comes from a chance encounter one of these women has with a stranger, which is fitting because my favorite parts of the story deal with the small moments that change the course of a person's life, and the unlikely friendships that do the same. This is a wonderful, beautiful, and sad book, and I've been recommending it like crazy since I read it. This inspirational memoir's epigraph bears quotes from Maya Angelou and Christina from Grey's Anatomy , which gives you a good idea of what you'll find inside.

Rhimes is the queen of Thursday night tv, creating and producing smash hits like Grey's and Scandal. This time she's telling her own story of how her sister issued her a six-word wake-up call— You never say yes to anything —and the year of YES that followed. The Dry Author: Jane Harper. I've recommended this to pieces since it appeared in the guide. Luke lied. Be at the funeral.

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Falk obeys—but he can't believe his best friend could have done such a thing, and so he starts digging, dragging long-buried secrets back to the surface. The setting is the drought-ravaged Australian Outback, and the brittleness and heat are almost palpable. Of all Jane Harper's books, this debut continues to be my favorite. This Summer Reading Guide selection flew beneath the radar, but it's worth seeking out.

The book begins with an accident. It was just a fender-bender, and it wasn't their fault, but after two years in Jordan as an Army wife, Cass has learned it doesn't matter—as Americans, they're always the guilty party. Newly arrived Margaret, whose husband is also stationed at the Embassy, chafes at these local "customs," and all the other cultural pressures she feels as an American living in a country that's becoming increasingly dangerous.

But Margaret determines to go pay the "guilt tax" anyway, and asks Cass to babysit her child while she tends to her quick errand. When Margaret doesn't return, Cass becomes annoyed, then increasingly worried Instead, they communicate via a purpose-built, voice-activated social media app, which allows them to be whoever they think they need to be to win over the other players.

Patients have complained about his lack of bedside manner as well as the impact his fear of blood has on his ability to be a GP. This Virgin Media News documentary examinrd how a massive Garda crackdown after the Regency Hotel murder effectively put the Kinahan crime cartel out of business, only to see a new ruthless breed of young criminals take their place.

The hip-hop comedy entertainment show hosted by Jordan Stephens returns for its second series. Filmed in a gig-environment, it sees two teams made up of comedians, hip-hop stars and celebrity fans battle it out in front of an audience, with DJ Shortee Blitz on hand to drop the tracks live. The two teams are led by Maya Jama and Lady Leshurr, with London Hughes as a regular alongside new guests appearing on the teams each week. Edgy, addictive and visually stunning, the Age of Aquarius is here. On the other hand, campaigners still claim that vaccines are unsafe, despite decades of scientific research to the contrary.

This documentary, narrated by Saskia Reeves, examines the arguments for and against vaccines, hears from people at the heart of alleged conspiracies, and asks who may be benefiting from a decline in their use. To kick off the 26th season of his chat show, Noron welcomes Oscar-winning Helen Mirren, who stars in new period drama Catherine the Great, beginning on Sky Atlantic next week. Doireann Garrihy returns with her online comedy series, in which she rips the piss out of the celebs, social media stars and telly presenters we all know and love so well.

Here, the pop sensation performs the biggest headline show of his career at Croxteth Park in Liverpool, entertaining a sell-out crowd of 12, Accompanied by the piece Manchester Camerata, Capaldi performs hits from his platinum-selling debut album and a special surprise cover of a Beatles classic. A troubled specialist protection officer smouldering Richard Madden is assigned to guard an ambitious home secretary steely Keeley Hawes , the possible target of terrorists due to her support for a controversial surveillance Bill.

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