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Order of Mary Ellen Hughes Books. The Woman on the Train siehe Buchbeschreibung und bei Amazon kaufen. Monthly Newsletter! We will send you one e-mail a month notifying you of any hot new books announced or coming out, as well as any new additions to the site. Feeling Lucky? The organizers had agreed. Over the last several months, he and Callie had gradually progressed from friends to something-morethan-friends. The unhurried nature of the connection was just fine with Callie. With the warmer weather, Delia had resumed her favorite attire of a loose tee over a long, flowerprinted maxi skirt, all of which flowed nicely and flattered her rounder frame.

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Brian was in his usual: jeans and a roll-sleeved plaid shirt. When asked, he often described himself as chief cook and bottle washer. Greer, thanks. Or long pointy ears falling into the soup. I expect to be kept hopping with all the hungry tourists coming to the festival. That can be a lot of fun. Brian knew about that relationship, of course, but there was no point bringing it up unnecessarily.

She took off, moments before a customer walked into House of Melody and Tabitha stepped up to wait on her. Just my luck, Callie thought. Her shop had been quiet as a tomb for the last hour. But when she was enjoying a little face-time with her friends, things picked up. Nevertheless, she still had plenty to do to ready her music box shop for the influx of new customers expected to flood the streets of Keepsake Cove during the spring festival. But that, of course, was the whole point of the celebration—to bring people to the area, some of whom might not yet have discovered this quaint section of the town of Mapleton.

Each of the shops in the Cove featured a unique type of collectible item. Callie heard the woman tell Tabitha that her eight-year-old niece was performing in her first ballet and that the music box would be a perfect gift for her. She had that look in her eye. She loved it from the start, but you made the husband a little more comfortable with the cost by throwing in the specifics. You had to step in pretty quick after Mel died. Had Aunt Mel truly been sending her messages through it?

Callie could never be sure, but the timing of the sounds was definitely unsettling enough to keep her wondering. How does she find those things? Callie wondered for perhaps the hundredth time, then turned to find a shelf replacement for the recently sold ballerina globe. As she puttered around the shop, her thoughts moved between music boxes and the Spring Festival, which would officially open the next day. Would the hoped-for crowds turn out? The weather looked to be gorgeous. But there were so many competing events around the area.

It was as though Maryland, neighboring Virginia, and DC all came alive once spring arrived, with horse races, boat shows, art fairs, and more. How much could the average person take in? She picked up one of her novelty music boxes, which had been moved out of place. There, in his denims, cowboy hat, and snakeskin boots stood Hank, grinning from ear to ear, obviously convinced that her shock at the sight of him came from pure delight. But this gives me more time to look around.

Damn, maybe I forgot. Meant to, though. It was his rich, baritone voice that always got to her. She pulled herself together and cleared her throat. Bobby got us the gig. Two nights, and I get to be here with you. Just here at the Cove. Callie had long known Hank had the talent; doing the work and getting the right breaks were what had always been elusive. No way. Such wheedling might have worked in the past, but those days were over. Hank read the look on her face and gave up, turning away and looking down at her music boxes.

He spotted the one Callie had been dancing to. Remember it? I like it. What was he up to? This, for him, was a big stretch. Hank grinned, picking up her drift anyway. So joining up with him was a good move, huh? Although she and Hank were better off apart—make that much better off—she continued to wish him well. Just wants help checking the equipment. You gonna come to the show? Prime time. Someone else is the warm-up act. Callie watched as he walked past her shop windows, then glanced down at her copy of the receipt. But Hank being in Keepsake Cove so unexpectedly was a bit staggering.

How was she going to deal with it? How had it come about without her knowing? But who was?

Callie picked up her phone to find out. Duane either. He could have let me know.

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But I expected to go with Brian. He knows that relationship is all in the past, right? Has your friend arrived yet, by the way? Want to join us?

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Though it was closed, she could see some of the lights on, which meant Brian was busy in the back. She pressed his number on her speed dial. Plus, Callie knew he enjoyed getting away from his stove once in a while. Had she heard a tiny ping come from it? Probably not.