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It then collapses under Charlie's much lighter weight, and the group is separated. Jack and Sayid arrive at Rousseau's old shelter, only to set off another trap, causing an explosion which destroys it. Sayid surmises that Rousseau expected him to return.

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Meanwhile, Hurley and Charlie split up after being shot at, and Hurley encounters Rousseau, who holds him at gunpoint. Hurley refuses to back down, and adamantly insists that she tell him what the numbers mean. Convinced of his sincerity, she lowers her gun, but then says that she does not know. Her party was drawn to the Island by the numbers radio transmission, but their ship was wrecked by submerged rocks. It took them weeks to find the transmission tower, which was near "the Black Rock," but her team became "sick. Musing on how the numbers were evidently responsible for bringing both of them to the Island, and that just as they brought bad luck to him, they caused her to lose everything she cared about, Rousseau concludes that they are indeed cursed.

Hurley is relieved to have finally found someone who agrees with him, and hugs her. Hurley makes his way back to Sayid, Jack, and Charlie, giving them a battery from Rousseau, which can be used for Michael's raft. On the beach, Charlie reveals his heroin addiction to Hurley, who in turn reveals how wealthy he actually is, although Charlie thinks this is a joke and storms off.

The numbers are then shown to be engraved on the side of the hatch Boone and Locke found.

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A reference is made to Curb Your Enthusiasm , as Hurley is mistaken for a drug dealer and arrested. The episode had Abrams commended Furlan for giving the character "heart and soul", and managed to make her "identifiable and complex". After the episode aired, numerous people used the eponymous figures 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 as lottery entries.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review , within three days, the numbers were tried over times by local players. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Lost episode. Retrieved 24 November ABC Medianet. March 8, Retrieved USA Today. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. June 19, Archived from the original on December 27, Lansing State Journal. Archived from the original on March 7, Archived from the original on February 3, Columbia Missourian.


Archived from the original on December 20, If the board should lead you to spend more time on the water than you think you should, Tower also includes a copy of Stephen Aarstol's book, " The Five Hour Workday " as part of the package — to help you justify your newfound addiction. Amazon buyers are exceptionally pleased. More than reviews earned the board a 4.

If there are downsides to the board, it's in the fact that, like any other lightweight rounded nose board, it's pretty susceptible to being blown sideways in a stiff breeze. Like essentially every other inflatable, too, you can't really turn this board and hold it in line against the wave using its side edges, or 'rails'. They're simply too big and rounded. When surfing, you have to turn this board by weighting the back.

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Pros: Lightweight, very stiff, tracks nicely on waves and even amidst mild chop. Cons: Flimsy pump, doesn't do very well in wind and could use D-rings up front. We'd like it even more if it came with a bag and leash. If you want a board that can perform in the surf, you'll want to be sure it incorporates something called rocker, which is the front-to-back concave of a board's hull that allows it to sit more comfortably on a wave's face, where a straighter, flatter board which is great for touring and steady tracking would be more difficult to maneuver.

You'll also want a wider board — at least while you're starting out — for stability. But whether you're a beginner or not, this is a great board for anyone, especially those planning to ride smaller waves i.

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  • At 9-feet, 5-inches, it's still short enough for sportier spirits to surf a little more aggressively, thanks to the V-rocker and the rockered tail, which really lets you walk back and pivot into a turn with relative ease. This board will also float most people with its liter volume and 4. But just because it can float a lot of weight does not mean it's stable. Outdoor Gear Lab reviewed the previous model of the Naish Mana GTW which was just seven inches longer and a half-inch thinner calling it a "great choice for surfing" but complained about it being too slow to track and compete with their other boards, which were all tested for touring, and not so much surfing.

    Beginners complained that the board felt a little unstable, that is until they found their footing. Again, if you're really set on specifically surfing, this could be a good SUP for you. If not, look for something a little more hybridized. Fishing from a stand-up paddle board or SUP can be highly productive: You're stealthier, you don't draw nearly as much water as you would in a skiff or even most kayaks, which means you're able to work your way into skinnier water, and you're kept high and dry, as opposed to wading.

    But then, it can also be something of a challenge: Wind and swell are often keeping your balance in check, anchoring or sitting still is a chore that either requires a lot of paddling or an actual anchor and something to fix it to, and then there's all your gear, which, at any moment, could end up in the drink.

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    I've always been cautious when heading out fishing on a SUP. I only bring one fishing rod, a small box of flies, a knife that I keep strapped to me, and maybe I'll bring a water bottle, but only if there's mesh or bungee netting to hold it in place. Otherwise, Keeping tabs on both a water bottle and a fly rod or balancing them while trying to paddle gets beyond cumbersome. A pair of bungee cords linked together can make a strap or two, but you have to wrap them around the underside of the board, which creates drag and costs you speed.

    It's also not the sturdiest thing in the world. You could drill holes into your board, too, but that takes a degree of expertise and a time commitment that many of us don't have.

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    It can also get messy and ugly. First of all, at a lengthy 12 feet and 4 inches, this SUP really is bordering on a boat, and it's nearly as stable as one. The only way I fell off was by trying to navigate around the lean post, which was a stupid thing to do, frankly. There are D-rings, bungees, and Velcro galore.

    Conveniently placed handles make portages and dragging it up the beach a breeze, while an airplane-ready storage bag cinches the whole thing down so you can take it just about anywhere. The non-slip deck is a no-brainer, but I must add that it feels notably pleasant under bare feet, and the optional lean post makes for a surprisingly comfortable full day on the water. I opted to leave mine on the beach for no good reason at all, other than that I thought I'd want the open deck space.

    In the end, there was plenty, and it would have not only been nice to have a seat but a place to stash and keep a few drinks and snacks chilled.

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    The lean post is also a nice addition to have underway. It stores fishing rods, and, again, helps you take a little load off while you're paddling or poling along. I don't know how many times I've bent down or turned around to drop my paddle only to spook the fish I was stalking with the loud clank of it hitting the rails of a kayak or the deck of a SUP. This feature should not go overlooked. Nor should the push pole, which boaters in shallow water use to push along in lieu of a paddle. The brand calls it a " Sandspear " though keep in mind that it's not included.

    I'd never thought that a push pole would make all that much sense with a paddleboard, but cruising the sand and grass flats made it pretty clear that I could cover twice as much water with far more stealth than with a paddle, which makes a good deal more noise. You can also add on a little sheath for the push pole, which you can use to anchor in the shallows.

    So much of the above rings up a cringe-worthy price tag, I know. But keep in mind that boats are still far more expensive, and if you want a functional, portable, and comfortable fishing SUP, it's going to cost you one way or another, especially if you're not building it yourself.

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    • The advantage here is that it's still the fraction of a flats boat, and you can kit it out as you go along, when and where your budget allows. Stripped down, it's still a fun and fishable board, and you'll enjoy the little improvements you make along the way all that much more. And, if I manage to scrape up some extra dough beforehand, it might just save me a small fortune on charter and rental boat fees every time I fly somewhere to fish.

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